What Is The Difference Between Art and Design?

Difference Between Art and Design

Art and design are different even though both of them create creativity. When you want to create art or design, you have to know the difference between them. However, the main difference between art and design is relating to the goal. Here is the information you should know about the difference between art and design.

  1. Problem and Solver

The first difference is art creates a problem and design creates a solves. It is because art is relating to the uniqueness and diversity. It is different from the design that is related to the method and prototype. Creating a problem means that art makes people have to think about the meaning of something. For example, when you know about judi bola or artwork and you think it is beautiful and aesthetic, you will think about the meaning of it. It is different from the design that has specific methods and solves.

Problem and Solver

Problem and Solver

  1. Person Life

The next difference between art and design is art relating to the artist and design relating to the people. There are many art objects relating to the artist, artworks, and so on. However, design relating to the people because the goal of the design is to make use for the people. Becoming a designer means that you have to focus on user problems and trying to solve their problems. A professional designer will make people can solve the problem through observation and method.

taste and opinion

taste and opinion

  1. Goal

The next is design has a goal but art has no goal. It is because designed has the purpose to reach something and achieve something. So, if people have some problems, they will look for the best solutions using a design. However, the difference between them is when you want to make something beautiful, you need art but when you need something useful, you need design. It is because design needs more practical than art.

  1. Knowledge and Search

The next is related to knowledge and search. The difference between art and design is when you want to choose a design, you have to need more knowledge rather than art. It is because, the design needs more observing where if you do research, you will need more knowledge. However, when you want to choose art, you will need more creativity. This is the main difference between art and design. So, if you want to get the best design result, you have to have good knowledge and if you want to create good art, you need good creativity.

talent and skill

talent and skill

  1. Tradition and Developing

When you are still confused between art and design, you can get the point for the era. If the art is relating to tradition, the design is relating to development. For many people, art is the most important to create aesthetic and artistic creation but for the people who love construction and development, the design is one of the most important. Unlike art, the design wants to make the development and creative solution, especially for the people. However, you can get professional design when you combine the art one.

Those are the information you need to know about the difference between art and design. Art and design are different. So, you have to pay attention to them to get the goal and result.