What is Art and Design?

What is Art and design

What is the definition of art and design? Maybe, some people will think that art and design have some definition and meanings. Both of them are different. What is art? What is design? However, when you want to know more about art and design, you have to know the characteristics and the difference. Art and design are related to human activity creativity. However, both of them are important.

What is Art?

Art means human activities creating a visual and beauty. When humans create visual and artworks, it means they want to express their imagination and feeling. Art is related to beauty and emotion. When people create art, they will need and produce aesthetic dissemination. However, there are three classics of art. There are paintings, sculptures, poker online and architecture.

What is Art and design

What is Art and design

So, what about music, film, dance, and other performances? Those are also related to the definition and part of the arts. In the modern area, art is related to aesthetics like decorative and artworks. However, this definition has changed over time. It is because of the disruptive era. One of the main points of art is beauty, visual, and human creativity to create something aesthetic.

What is Design?

Unlike art, the definition of art and design is different. Design is a kind of plan and specification made by the people for the construction or system activity. The design is also called the prototype and process for making and developing something. In this case, every prototype and construction will need design. Design can not separate from both of them. The design also relates to something that makes people satisfied.

For example, a person or people who produce or create the design is a designer. This is because they have professional skills relating to the design. In this term, the design also divides into the various types like a textile designer, engineering, and other activities that need process and methods. The process also needs research, modeling, negotiation, and so on.

Having Goal: Art or Design?

The difference between art and design is related to the goal. Unlike art, the design has a goal. It is because design has the meaning to achieve something using prototype and method. Designing doesn’t need sense. It is different from the art that needs sense when people want to create it. For example, you will know that the artist doesn’t need a method or goal when they are working. They need visual and sense. Artists also try to inspire people. So, when you need a goal, you have to make the design not art as the definition of art and design.

Art or Design?

Art or Design?

Creating a Problem: Art or Design?

Creating a problem is related to art. It is because art has uniqueness and diversity. This is different from the design that needs a method and prototype to solve the problem and reach the goal. For example, you can see modern art. Modern art is related to classical school and art. However, the design has the goal to make customer satisfaction and designer will bring the real value from the people

Those are the information relating to the definition of art and design. Now, do you still confuse both of them? What you need to know is art is different from design. They have different functions and different goals.