The Great Ideas of Unique Gravel-Based Stone Crafts

The Great Ideas of

The Great Ideas of Unique Gravel-Based Stone Crafts. Many things around us can be utilized and turned into an art-valued craft, one of which is gravel, exactly unique gravel-based stone crafts. During this time, gravel is only used as a building material, garden decoration or aquarium. It turns out that with imagination as well as creativity, pebbles can be transformed into crafts that are not only unique but also have valuable benefits.

With pebble capital that you can find around the house and other complementary materials, you can make various kinds of crafts from pebbles, you know! What are you curious about? Come on, consider some of the following crafts!

Photo holder

Instead of buying photo displays, you can make your own photo holders that are inexpensive and certainly very unique. The only materials you need are medium-sized stones, wire and wire cutting tools.

How to make it very easy, namely by wrapping the wire around the stone, then let the wire soar up to the length of your liking and make the end of the wire-like a paper clip to hold the photo. Once it’s done, you can tuck in your various photo collections!

The Great Ideas of

The Great Ideas of

Cactus decoration

Flower decoration and artificial plants from plastic are very common to decorate a room. To replace it, you can make a cactus out of stone without you having to flush it and worry that your cactus will die.

You only need green and white paint, brushes, pots, and flat stones of various sizes to make this fake cactus. By painting a stone resembling a cactus motif then arranging it in a pot, wow, be a cactus ornament ready for display!

The Great Ideas of

The Great Ideas of


Candles are usually used to create a romantic atmosphere in the room or just as a substitute for lighting. When lighting a candle, surely you need a protective place to put it in order to prevent a fire.

You can make candles with flat-shaped stone capital of various sizes and adhesive glue. Arrange a circle of stones in a tier then you can put a candle on the inside. Very safe and artistic right!


To strengthen the natural atmosphere at home with gravel-based stone crafts, you can make flower pots from rocks. How to make it almost the same as making a candle holder, that you only need a stone and glue. But to make this flowerpot, stacking stones with a rather wide size and height of plants that grow in pots can develop properly. Another way for those of you who want to get a neater pot is that you can stick rocks to a plastic pot.

The Great Ideas of

The Great Ideas of

Placemat or cutlery

You can make a teapot or tableware from stone with the shapes you want. How to make it is very easy, you need a board as a base with shapes and sizes according to taste then stick the rocks on the base. An important tip for making this mat is to make sure you choose rocks that have a thickness that is not much different, so the teapot or cutlery that will be placed on it can stand properly.

Now, that was some unique gravel-based stone crafts that you can find around the house. Interested in trying? Come on, do not hesitate to try to make it!