The Best Color Choice of Outfit for Dark Skin

The Best Color Choice of Outfit for Dark Skin

Do you know the best color outfit for dark skin? Well, in this world, humans are created with various skin colors. There are white, olive, brown, tan to black. It is lucky for you if you have fair skin and olive because almost all colors of clothes will match your skin. Meanwhile, those who have brown skin, tan to black, must be smart in choosing and determining the color of their clothes so that their appearance looks fresher and brighter. The reason is if they choose the wrong color for their clothes, they will look dull, creased, and not bright. Here are some bright color choices for those of you who have dark skin to keep it looking beautiful and not dull.

The Best Color Choice of Outfit for Dark Skin

The Best Color Choice of Outfit for Dark Skin

Orange outfit

The orange color is on the list of other bright outfits that you can’t miss, ladies. Unlike the previous colors which tend to be soft, the orange color gives a cheerful impression. The bright color can give a fresh effect when you wear it, you know.

Like Andra Alodita, this photographer and beauty vlogger looks fresh in her orange outfit. This brown leather fashion inspiration is perfect for you to try. You can combine a bright orange top with a dark subordinate like black.

Baby pink

Wearing a pink outfit is also really suitable for brown skin owners to try. You can choose a softer pink color like a baby pink. This color gives a feminine and beautiful impression of the wearer. You can wear a dress with a kimono style and there is a detailed ribbon on the back. The soft color of the dress makes your appearance look elegant.


Next, there is the inspiration for women’s brown leather fashion from Aurel Hermansyah that you can try too, Ladies. The purple outfit is another bright color choice that is suitable for brown owners. Purple color, which tends to be soft and feminine, can support your OOTD. Your appearance with a purple outfit will look brighter and fresher. Yeah, it is a good outfit for dark skin.

Like Aurel Hermansyah’s fashion, who wears a light purple off-shoulder. Combined with other bright floral motifs if it makes your appearance even more cheerful. For subordinates, you can combine them with neutral color pants such as black, white, cream, or other colors that suit your preferences.

The Best Color Choice of Outfit for Dark Skin

The Best Color Choice of Outfit for Dark Skin


This color is the color that can make tanned skin look fresher and more radiant. You can combine a cherry-colored top with white jeans or a tangerine dress with matching heels or gold and black.

Apart from bright colors, clothes in neutral colors are also recommended

If someone says that those with dark skin are prohibited from wearing black, don’t believe them! Neutral colors like black, white, and gray will look good on anyone even if you are dark-skinned. The main black and white colors, whether they are coal-black, jet black, or raven black, jet white, or ivory white, all look great on your dark skin.

However, for gray, you have to be careful, girls! The dark gray color will make your skin dull. Therefore, try to choose a bright gray color!