Buy Me A Book, Not A Drink

A week after my trip to Cambodia, I attended a block party to celebrate the opening of the highest elevated venue space west of Chicago in downtown Los Angeles, at Skyspace LA. I was determined to push my boundaries and attend solo, but it was fate that I would be reunited with one of my very best friends that evening. She was in the area with her boyfriend in search of another lady friend. They meant to attend a Harry Potter book event at The Last Bookstore, but the line was impossibly long so we returned to the block party. While getting to know this other friend of theirs, she said something that struck me.

“What if people offered to buy a book instead of a drink for others?” she asked. Although it was a light remark that got lost amongst watching “DJ” Snoop Dogg perform and bar-hopping on Spring Street, her proposal laid heavy on my mind throughout the night. In fact, I even went as far as searching on Google what happens when book-giving happens, only to find that some people discourage giving a book as a gift on a first date. Perhaps it’s me, but I would imagine that someone initially curious in my taste in literature over my taste in alcohol might yield far better results in piquing my interest.


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