Something beautiful is coming soon…


IT HAS BEEN FAR TOO LONG since this website has been updated with news or dreams or inspiration. In its original intent, this space was created as a way to host to all of my visual inspiration, along with my unchartered, whimsical thoughts-a digital diary as you could put it. Then life and love happened. In all normality, I experienced a sudden surge of a job transition meant to propel my career. This came with sacrifice of time and lots of stress. After realizing I simply couldn’t keep up like I used to, I stopped blogging altogether. And then my heart was broken mid-year. As necessary as it was, that relationship was and is a large influence on the positively romantic spin for this website, and showed me exactly how much I was capable of loving another human being in the capacity that I had done. Soon after, I had a job change and relocated my whole life to Pasadena, CA, a city I fell in love with sometime during my last relationship. Close to 6 months since the move, am feeling like it is time to ease back in to keeping this website alive and brimming with inspiration.

With the combination of much brainstorming and lots of soul searching, this digital diary will have fresher content compared to what has been featured before. Visually speaking, you will see a magazine and collage like influence as I have been married to the idea of this website acting as a virtual museum as well. Looking forward to inviting you back when it’s time. Until we meet again…